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I am a part time film maker* and editor*. I make movies similar to the lord of the rings. I also like choreographing fights. I am a purple belt in Kenpo (a form of jujitsu, karate, and Kung Foo) and know many weapons and defense forms that could be used in 14th century battles. I am sixteen and am proud to say I read the lord of the rings before the movie came out. I am interested in ancient history such as the Romans and especially the Egyptians. I like Mythology and stories about ancient gods and goddesses. I can read elfish as well as write. I only know an ancient type of writing that is similar to Old Danish (Anghertas).
I live in Omaha, Nebraska and have 12 people in my family. 4 girls, 6 boys and a mom and dad. The ages range from 2-23. I am the oldest boy and I have two older sisters. I have my own room and my own computer. We have 7-8 bedrooms not including the 3 bath rooms and living room, study, garage, mud room, rec room, two laundry rooms, wrestling room, and weight room. My dad is a UPS delivery man and my mom stays at home. We also have a dog named Gena (GEE-nA). She is an Australian Shepard.
*movie maker- I make my own home movies with my five other brother. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them became a stunt man or actor.
*editor- I also edit my own films at school and add special effects, scenery, music, and digital work. I hope to become a filmmaker one day.

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