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Lord of the Rings: One Ring To Rule Them All
As one of the many Lord of the Rings fans, I could possibly be the biggest. I have read the entire series once already, and I ma reading it again! My favorite movie, is Lord of the Rings. My favorite book is Lord of the Rings. My favorite bookmark are the charachters from Lord of the Rings! Although, the second movie was a complete piece of crap. It didn't relate to the book as much as the first one did, and the movie was all on Helms Deep! All of my friends hated the first movie because there wasn't enough blood and gore for them! And they liked the second one for that same reason. Blood and gore! Ugh. You probably think that Elijah Wood as Frodo didn't get that big of a role in this movie? Am I right? Wrong! Wait till you see the third movie or read the third book. He isn't even talked about till page 200, out of a 353 page book! Wait till you see the rest of Mr. Tolkiens story unfolds.
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - he helps Aragorn through the many battles of the tree books.Meriadoc Brandybuck - He kills a ringwraith in the third book, savin Eowyn from an untimely deathGollum/Smeagol - He a wretched creature that once again, has no purpose, just someone to fill some pages. But he has one important action that you will see inthe 3rd movie or in the third book.Gandalf - Gandalf is my favorite charachter. He hates Pippin, like me, he keeps his cool at all times, in danger and when the fellowship is not in danger. Plus he has an alter ego, Gandalf the White!Gimli - Gimli is an angry dwarf that is just needed to help find the hobbits in Fangorn forest, to help Aragorn go through the paths of the dead without going insane, and not much else.Aragorn - He's cool. He goes around Middle-earth, fighting goblins, killing orcs, kcking butt..... While also trying to keep up a love life with Arwen! Shrewd!Frodo Baggins - He's an unstable, annyoing, unnecessary hanger-on that is just there to devlope the plot, when gandalf can take the ring and fly over to Mordor on an eagle and throw it into Orodruin quick as a wink.Eomer - He knows what to do when Rohan is in trouble, and he's there on the double! Also the nephew of Theoden, he trusts no one.Bilbo Baggins - He's an old asshole from the Shire who greatly desires the ring, and greatly does not. Like me. Just kidding.
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