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Put Down Your Swords! I Welcome Axe Bearers.
Gimli, a dwarf, is my favorite character in the saga, The Lord of the Rings.(Hence the screen name: Gimli Fan) He exemplifies all that is cunning, willing, loyal, and strong hearted. The film itself has become number one across the world. Lord of the Rings gave me an escape from the everyday hassle which I call life. If indeed we all were part of something as great as the world that J.J.R. Tolkien created, we would be very well off: each person or group of friends having adventures each in their own way. Sadly, it is mere fantasy, but it is one that all true fans wish were true!
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - Treebeard is amusing to watch on screen, with his slow thinking and lethargic walk he resembles a good friend of mine.(Rodrigo)Legolas - My very good friend, Legolas. Well what can I say... that scene where he slid down the stairs... that just shows how badass he really is. (Nestor, my friend, you really know how to hit a target.)Gimli - The great dwarf, Gimli, his great heart, brute strength and determination make him the heart of the team in my book, but then again I am just playing favorites! (He is by far my favorite character and the one that resembles me.Arwen - The beautiful Arwen cannot be summed up by simply saying,"reliable," she's much more. (My friend, Tanya, falls along the lines of an Arwen.)Gandalf - Gandalf's magick is what got our heroes through the first steps toward destroying the RING. His comeback as Gandalf the Grey shed new LIGHT on the matter too!Aragorn - Employs great combat skill and is very cunning using leadership qualities. He is a man of integrity and intelligence. (Resembles one of my best friends, Manuel.)
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