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All About ME!!!
Hey everybody!!! you probably aren't reading this becase you want to know about me, Phoebe, but hey what the hell!!! I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia (that's in Canada for those of you that don't know) I am 13 years. I have one irritating older brother (aged 15 almost 16) I wish he would move out soon. If you haven't guessed that's me in the picture. I'm at my 13th birthday party. My brother went to the Canada Games for fencing and I came along as a screaming fan. The guys (and girls) on the Nova Scotia fencing team had a suprise birthday party for me. I'm sitting on my friend Zach's lap. I love his expression in this pic. He needs to learn how to chew with his mouth closed.<br>Anyway, I ride horses at a barn that's just down the road from where I live. I don't have my own horse yet but I'm working on that. The barn manager has me helping her break in one of the new horses. Her name is Red (the horse, not the person) and she has only been ridden for a few weeks. I probably have fallen of that little bronc twenty times. <br>Hey! Why am I talking about horses on a Lord of the Rings site? As you might have noticed, Gimli is my favorite. Hence the name, Gimli_is_mad_hot. But Legolas is also quite nice. I don't know about you but I personaly liked the movies more, characterwise. Tolkien is an geinius when it comes to creating Persons and lands and histories and languages to go along wtih the people and land but when it comes to making up characters he doesn't quite come up to par with other writers. He came up with great ideas for the charactrers but he didn't fill them up. They have faces and bodies and fighting skills but they don't have personaity or whatever it is that makes a character THERE. if you know what i mean. Anyway I'm being yelled at! c u all later!<br> -Phoebe <br>
My favorite characters are:
Gimli - As I have said before, Gimli is mad hot! That beard, Those braids. They just spell Hot.!!!!!!!!!!!Legolas - Legolas is Legolas! He is mad f*cking hot!! Do I have to elaborate?Meriadoc Brandybuck - Marry has those eyes that I just can't ignore!!!!Samwise Gamgee - I love a man who can cook up a proper brace of connies!!!!
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