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Gimli`s Number One Fan: (me)
I, myself, am an avid Gimli fan. I loathe Legolas, stoopid nancing elf, but that's just my opinion! ;) I know millions of you people out there enjoy brainless twits, and that can't be helped. (j/k)<br><br> Anywho, I'm just checking out this site, and found it nicely laid out and would like to say to the creator- Beautiful job!<br><br>~Gimlilvr22
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin Took - HILARIOUS! Clueless, stupid, and funny--&gt; How could ya NOT like him??Legolas - Stupid nancing elf, yet an awesome elf assassain.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Funny! Smarter than Pip too! But his nose annoys me... and his chin... and his teeth.... his voice too...Gollum/Smeagol - &quot;Taters? What are taters??&quot; (Inside Joke yet again)Gimli - Kick-ass little dwarf who acts a lot like me! WAY better than nancing elves, and did I mention kick-ass?? Hilarious, smart, and out spoken, this is my favorite character! *huggles him*Faramir - Smarter than Boromir (but then again, it would be HARD to be as stupid as him!) And he's better looking. ^^Eomer - Inside Joke comes into play here.Aragorn - A greaseball, yes, but is way good in the Wild.Treebeard - Hroom... I only like him because of his cool voice--&gt; It's Gimli's!! YAY!
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