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walk middle-earth new zealand
One morning in August 2000, the banks of the Arrow River came alive with the rattling of swords and the sound of horses
Running in the mist.
Have the old gold miners returned to seek their fortune of the past or has J R R Tolkien spirit come to haunt the banks of this famous River. No it is Peter Jackson & party

Arrowtown is famous for its early spring floods and the willow trees that line the banks of the river, this was a perfect location to do the filming for The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship of the Ring,
Two Location were screened in the movie.

Come on let me take you on a magical mystery Tour of Middle-Earth

Have a Tolkien two hour Guided Walk around Middle-Earth Film Location with a personal guide,
Who was an Uruk Orc in The Two Towers.
Go where Isildor was slain by Mountain Orcs.
See the exact spot where the Black Riders try to escape the flood of The Ford of Bruinem.
Try your Luck at Gold Panning for Elf Gold in the Arrow River and learn about the History of the area.
$40.00 Adult,
$100.00 Family of five.
My favorite character is:

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