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I am Gothmog
Hello,everyone knows me,EVERYONE!! If you dont,then its good your reading this. I am 3'2,and i have a huge beerbelly. I am male and am 36 years old,if you want to go out with me,just ask. Men only remember.

Ok,so seriously,I am 17,7'5,amazing at cricket,and rugby,but im not very good at passing. My name is Steven Herbert,and if you want you can add me to msn contact list. I am a spammer by nature,but i can stop people,and i am admin on some forums. If you ever wish to meet me,get ready to get a crooked neck. I love sports,apart from football. ENGLAND WIN THE ASHES!! HA HA TO ANY AUSSIES READING! Ahem. So,err,i write stories,but i am not very good. I like greenday,kings of leon,weezer,kaiser chiefs,good charlotte,the ramones,him,foo fighters,etc. Thats about all i can think of,and all i can be bothered to write. So,that was me,bye bye,see you on the forums.And one day on the game. Hopefully.
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - Sam is amazing,and really brave,definately a favorite.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Hes cool.Peregrin Took - Hes better than merry.Sauron - The lord of the rings,king of all evil,how can I leave him out?

Contact me:

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