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Gravis Tutella! Grave Protection!
I am rather new to this world. Only 17. But I am determined to find out about this worlds' view of Elves and Myths and Legends, both from now, and the past, and put it into a comic book format. I think Tolkien was a great man, and, in his own way, was trying to do the same thing I am. Getting people to look for the truth in legends, and descover it themselves, but in such a way that they could understand it.
My favorite characters are:
Gollum/Smeagol - What a confusing character, but at least he never had to go without company!Gil GaladGaladriel - What was she doing out so late any way?Gandalf - The old wise man, the lesser god from beyond the sea, the troubled counsilor.Elrond - The wise old widower.Frodo Baggins - The peppy young dreamer nephew at first, but later the weathered old soldier.Celeborn - The poor Elf has to put up with a wife who likes to moonlight!Bilbo Baggins - The Old Hobbit, worn from his adventures, but still able to do more.Aragorn - The Serious soldier, middle aged man, who could still dream a little.Legolas - Lighter than snow, hansome as dirt.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Merry Merry quite contrary!Peregrin Took - also very contrary, but still, Hobbits are curious!Samwise Gamgee - the faithful servant, and better friend. Treebeard - The poetic old Ent who misses his Ent-Wife.

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