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~*greensleeve's*~ LOTR page
hi, my name is pam or greensleeve. i've only just become a LOTR fan. and i have to say Legolas is gorgeous! he is my favorite character. anyways, i like to read, ride horses, watch movies, especially the fantasy type. i usually read romance novels, preferrably historical stories based from european countries, also i'm an indian lover so i like books that are about our native americans. i really like fantasy type stories with elves and fairies and stuff with kings and their castles though so this movie just really brings that out for me. anyways, this page is a first for me so it's not great or anything. well thanks for visiting my page!<br><br>~*greensleeve*~
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - i just thought he was so cute. he's my favorite character. i like how he always seems alert to everything and that saves the fellowship alot!!Frodo Baggins - he is a brave little hobbit for one that has such a heavy burden.Gandalf - this guy is funny. i don't know he just seems to add a little comedy sometimes, especially at the beginning!Arwen - liv tyler is pretty, but arwen makes her such a beautiful elf.Aragorn - he's good-lookin' too, and i like his loyalty towards frodo.
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