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Don't betray my trust!
My name is supposedly Tess D'Obbs. I live incognito in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the last safe place for my kind. I play the guitar and the wooden recorder, and I sing in a choir. I treasure the ancient lore of my ancestors, and study their languages and arts. My life's goal has been to preserve good in the world and to wipe out the last remaining Orcs and trolls without getting killed myself. I feel it is safe to disclose this information, because on an LOTR siteeveryone will think that I am joking anyway.
My father is the longest-haired professer at Marquette University (he has to hide his leaf-shaped ears), and he has access to all the Tolkien originals in MU's archives. This is an invaluable asset to any elf-historian in training.
And as far as my associates and I know, my parents, my nine siblings, and i are the last full-blooded Sindarin Elves in this world. Please, if you or somebody you know has met anybody else who is a full-blooded Sindarin, please contact me immediately!
Yes, the lore of my forefathers is now my study, poring over yellowed pages day and night, piecing together long-forgotten legends by candlelight in my attic. But I still find time to pursue other interests and to purge the world of the curse of the Orcs. You thought they died out long ago, didn't you? Oh, ignorance is bliss. I thought so too, until I was seven years old and I saw my grandparents murdered before my eyes. Since then I have not slept, have not even rested for one minute. I have trained myself in fencing and hand-to-hand combat, and I wear a bullet-proof vest at all times. And my computer has a spam filter.
If you pass me on the street you'll know me by my sea-grey Elvish eyes.
(That's why I usually wear sunglasses.)
My favorite characters are:
Gollum/Smeagol - He was always mistreated and slandered, and so he turned to evil and despair and addiction.Eowyn - She very nearly succumbs to despair, and i can sympathize with that, having some issues of my own.Galadriel - Although she had done wrong, she more than made up for it by helping in the War of the Ring

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