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Grimkloin the Gruff
Grimkloin came from the settlement in the Grey Moutains and he was a young child. When he was young he started a job as a stone smith, as he grew older he always thought about moving to the great mountain or Erebor. When he did, it was a culture shock. He started a job there as a wine master. When he grew he decided it was time to settle down. When he settled down with a nice dwarf named Ditsa she was from the line of Dis. Grimkloin married into a semi-royal family. He had 3 kids named, Grimke, Dewlan, Mythril. He still had a job as Wine Master when he left Erebor, and went to Khazad-Dum. He loved it there, and became Stone Master in the city. He loved being in a leadership position. So he joined the army there, and became very high up. He now had a long white beard, but he still had the strength of 10 dwarves. As he got older( 923), he had one more child, this one was a daughter, so he named her Luthien, after the elves. He also went to the councils sometimes where Gimli and Legolas were until they sailed into the west. He one day decided to take his one son Grimke, the youngest, and sail into the west, with the last elven ship. When he breached the island near to Valinor, he and his son got of there. Dwarves as most know can't swim, but Grimkloin tryed and he made it. He knew that he wasn't worthy to show up in Valinor on an elven ship, so he showed he showed up to Aule his master by swimming, one of the things Aule made wrong with the dwarves. He made them to short and stocky, so it was hard, but they made it. Aule accepted them in his house and that's where they live today.
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - Was a great Ent who watched over his people through hardships.Sauron - The Lt. under Melkor who just couldn't be without war.Samwise Gamgee - A faithful friend with the kindest heart. Never let Frodo down.Legolas - A wonderful elf, with the IsildurGollum/SmeagolGimliGil GaladGandalfEomerElrondCelebornAragorn

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