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The Land Of Beauty
I am i large fan of Morgoth, anything to do with the first age, at the age of eleven i began to read the silmarillion, my favourite character having to be
morgoth for being possibly more evil then even souron (if not less wiser). Bahrags and Dragons kept me hooked, like Gormoth and Ancalagon. It was truly the greatest fantasy i have ever read.

Of course as well as the book itself, i was addicted to reading timelines of the third and second age. There is many things there that is not revealed in the book or movie, and it was what revealed the Silmarillion to me.

The films are truly the best films i have ever seen, all of them powerful and passionate. But The Fellowship Of The Ring portrayed Middle-earths beauty the greatest. I shall never get tired of watching that film, all my life.

Perhaps one of my largest interests was the map of Middle-earth. I would spend many a time just looking and studying different parts of the Lord Of The Rings world.

And the last thing is that i am a large fan and i hope i will enjioy my stay here.

My favorite character is:
Sauron - He is an image of true evil...beyond, perhaps, what we can imagine him as.

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