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Greetings Mortals!
Hello. I am Eruanwen(Eruana for short) Cuthelain, the Silver One. I am an elf. Unlike my elvish kin, I did not leave Middle Earth. Altough I remain here, I was forced to flee from my home in Rivendell (the Big People came), I have found refuge on the coast of the Sea of Rhun.I live inside a Giant Tree called Abrasia.
Hannah is not my real name. I had to change it so as to protect my people. Now about me. I am a female elf. I am 12 years of age in your mortal world. I love to read. My favorite genres (or type) of books are fantasy, mystery, adventure, & horror. I also love to read about the history of the many races of Middle Earth, collected by my people.
I would like to hear from you so e-mail me or meet me in a chat room. I only ask that you don't go looking for me on the Sea of Rhun. I wish to keep my location secret.
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - I really like Treebeard. He cares for the forest and helps Merry & Pipin.Samwise Gamgee - He is a big hero. If it weren't for him Frodo would be dead and Sauraun would have the Ring.Saruman - Hes evil.Peregrin Took - Hes really funny.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Hes funny & the only one who can control & understand Pipin.Gollum/Smeagol - Smeagol was cool when he wasnt evil and he helps Frodo but it was the Ring that corrupted him. I even named my rat after him.IsildurLegolas - He is the only one who wanted to go after Frodo when he & Sam left. Its funny how he & gimli argue.Gimli - He is a funny character & he eventually becomes friends with his worst enemy(Legolas).Gandalf - Gandalf is great. he is a friend to everyone & saves a lot of people & he can even come back from the dead just to help people.Eomer - He reminds me of my brotherFaramirFrodo Baggins - He's really awesome. He offers to take the ring to mordor after all he's already been through and succeedes. Frodo is a true friend and a great character.Galadriel - She helps Frodo have faith & courage & practically saves him from Shelob at first.Bilbo Baggins - I just think he's cool.Elrond - It's really cool how he let's Arwen go to Aragorn in the end.Aragorn - I like him because ha has such strong control of himself & helps others.Arwen - I like how she gives up her immortality just to be with Aragorn.

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