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Hello. My Name is Heida and Im from Iceland. Im a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings. I own the One ring and i have statues of some of the characters and my room is full of LOTR posters. I have red all of Tolkiens books, He´s my all time favourite author.

I think that the movies are amasiong, but im not happy with some of the things that were in the book were not in the movies. like Tom Bumbaldino, i would have like to see him.

My favourite lines in the movies are: Nin O Chithaeglir, lasto beth daer, Rimmo nin Bruinen, dan in Ulaer. Im Arwen and telin le thaet, lasto beth nin, tolo dan na ngalad. I love the elvish line.

I have no ONE favourite character. Eweryone in the Fellowship are my favourite, Arwen,Galadriel and Eowyn, Eomer, Faramir, Haldir and lotd of more, just all of the main characers are my favourite. Theo ones that stand most out are Aragorn,Legolas, the four hobbits and Arwen.
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - Treeberd is so cute. so smart and knows how to put the words into to the right places.Saruman - Saruman is so powerful. and strong and wise.Sauron - Sauron is a cheesy imitator. Hes just nothing compair to Melkor who is a truly dark lordMeriadoc Brandybuck - I Love him. so cute and little, a smart little guy.Peregrin Took - I love him so much. SO CUTE but a little stupid, so curious. has to put his nose into ewerything, but i still love so much.Samwise Gamgee - my favourite gardener. so cute fat little hobbit. hes smart and strong and so good friend.Legolas - ohhh Legolas, i get wather in my mouth. so sexy and cute and BEAUTIFUL. so strong and so good with the bov.Gollum/Smeagol - I love Smeago., he is so cute and adorable. but Gollum is ugly nad i hate himGimli - HEHE. my small fat dwarf. doesent let anyone mess with him. so cute and funny.Gandalf - My wizard. so brave and thought ful. so good to Frodo. Hes the grandfather i never had. so cute.Galadriel - The queen of the light. so beautiful and intelligent.Frodo Baggins - Frodo, my darling. I love him. he is so cute and smart. im so sad about what the ring did to him, so angry, but he is so good to ewerybody. so sweet. nad so brave.Eowyn - She is amasing in a battle, so strong and smart and beautiful, she and Faramir are right fore echotherElrond - He is so smart and he is beautiful in his kind of way.Bilbo Baggins - He is so cute litle hobbit. funny (specially in the book hobbit) and he is such a fool. I love himArwen - She is so beautiful, i love when she speeks elvish and she and Aragorn are so ment to be together.Aragorn - He is so strong and beautiful, sexy and just my big time favourite, He is so ment to be with Arwen, and i love when he is in a batle and when he speeks elvish.

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