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My names Lizzie and I live in Juneau Alsaka. I like to go on the internet and draw. My point of veiw on middle earth is that the world as they see it is small. like one contenet or something. I'd love to go to middle earth if it was real and be an elf. My elvin name would be <u><b><i>Anadriewen of the house of Finarfin.</i></b></u><br><br> To be ruler I'd love that. but far to much responsibility. I'm more of the war-like type. and I'd have purple hair and own a dragon. That would be even better. Not short. a War woman on her dragon. If they had ninjas then I'd be a ninja on a dragon. LoL. Anyway. so not much more to say. I'd love to hear and e-mail from you. its Konieseciria@hotmail.com or hiei_crystal_grl13@hotmail.com ether or. If you have yahoo please add me on. I'd love to get to know you. Well cu later!!!!<br><br>Nammarie<br>Anadriewen of the house of Finarfin<br>(lizzie ^-^)
My favorite characters are:
Ugluk - nopenopenopenopenope..... FINE!!! scary lukin dude....grrr.....Theoden - Nope. I'm not sayin it....nope nope nope.... fine.... evil dude... there u happy?Saruman - ok...um...lemmie see.... kewl? thats it? oh that just sucks....*grumbel, mumble*Sauron - nice???? THAT'S IT!! I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE MORE LINES THAN THIS!! I'M GONNA SUE THOSE SCRIPT WRITERS!!!Samwise Gamgee - loyaly. wait! who gave me this script anyway!!! *throws script on the ground*Isildur - finders keepers!! *Holds up the ring*Legolas - 0_0!!!!! I'm the last elf...*looks lonely*Meriadoc Brandybuck - trouble maker....*points to pippin*Peregrin Took - trouble itself.... *Points to merry*Grima Wormtongue - black. evil. dark. what more could the dead want?*looks in the mirror*Gimli - *laughs* im glad im not married.Gollum/Smeagol - go away gollom. i don't like you. *gollum leaves crying* Gollum gone!! gollums gone! PARTY TIME GUYS!! *suddeny a deejay*Gil Galad - HAHA! *falols out of chair laughing*Galadriel - yes they are.....*shakes her head*Gandalf - nope. just stupid youngins.*blows on his pipe*Frodo Baggins - EVILL!!!!!!! *watching the two run*Faramir - AHHH!!!!!*runs away*Eowyn - oh fairamir..... *walks up to faramir* Eomer - um nice... sorta *shrugs sholders*Elrond - hate it. *sticks out his tounge* blahDenethor II - lothe it *sticks out his tounge and crosses arms* ttpphhCeleborn - ahh love....* looks dreamly*Boromir - yeah....*hacks of and orcs head* s'ry dude but you we in my way and the game was on. (orc: no prolem...)Bilbo Baggins - gross..... disturbing*cobvers his eyes*Arwen - AND IM UR QUEEN *kisses Aragorn*Aragorn - I&quot;M A KING!! I'M A KING!! *hugs Arwen*Treebeard - awsome.... THERE! i'm done. no where's my lawer? I'm gonna sue thse young mindless script writers...

Contact me:

   hiei_crystal_grl13@hotmail.com , shadow_warp_time@hotmail.com , konieseicira@hotmail.com
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