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hey this is me josh i love the lord of the rings book and films and like to sleep in very late umm.... if that is important.
hey i am 13 years old and love lord of the rings i have read the books, the hobbit and i am now starting the silmarillion. my favourite characters are eowyn legolas and gandalf. i have an older sister who is also into lotr and has read all of tolkiens work, she is kind of a teacher to me!!!
when we saw the return of the king advert on tv we were almost crying with exitment!! on the day that we were gonna see it we were really hyper, and when it started mi sister was shakeing the whole isle of seats in amazement!!
my favourite part in the lord of the rings tilogy is the ride of the rohiriem (i cant spell it) meeting the army of morder in the battle of the pellenor fields and in the books i love how tolkien has a poem for almost every event!
we have trilogy saturdays where we lock ourselves in a room and watch all three lotr films in a row we have tons of junk food its one of the most fun days of the year!
i find the scene in the extended dvd of the two towers with borimir and farimir brilliant and when borimir is shouting "for Gonder!" we shout along with him.
I have recently seen m.night shyamalans film, The Village and i thought it was GREAT!!!i have fallen in love with the character Ivy.
My favorite characters are:
Samwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckLegolasGimliGandalfEowynEomerBoromirArwenAragorn

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