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Drax Athius, The Incantatar
Ahhh, a Middle Earth community! Now the fun begins.<br><br>I've been a fan of Tolkien since I first read The Hobbit when I was just 12, way back in 1974. I was instantly hooked and have read every thing that Tolkien wrote that I have been able to lay my hands on since, but when I read the Silmarrilion, I feel in love. I had never read a book that stirred as many emotions as that one. Truly, Tolkien was the Prince of Writers. <b>It</b> was the single most central reason behind my own desire to become a writer and has lead me to, in the fullness of time, a chance to finally pursue my goals in a full time manner. In a strange sort of way, Middle Earth has dominated my life.<br><br>Isshia
My favorite characters are:
Meriadoc Brandybuck - The movies have butchered him. Merri was the great Hobbit adventurer and it was he, not Pippin, a direct descendant of Brandaboras, who really makes you think of a Hobbit as a warrior/poet.Samwise Gamgee - His name means, roughly, Half Wit, but Sam is the perfect example of old fashioned horse sense. Perhaps the most unappreciated major character in literary history, he is the true quintesssence of loyalty and decency.Gimli - A dwarf can be more than just a short berserker, as Gimli proves in the books, and as they completely overlook in the movies. Gimli is the Palomar of Tolkiens characters and the strong romantic sub-plot the movie overlooks.Faramir - I can't help but identify with this character. He's a decent man and strong leader who, never the less, had to live in the shadows of his father and older brother, neither of whom had the gestalt of attributes he had, but both of whom are flashier.
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