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My favorite characters are:
Peregrin Took - he's the comic relifeSamwise Gamgee - he's a really good friend and a good poetLegolas - he can shoot an orc right inbetween the eyes Meriadoc Brandybuck - I liked it when he and pippin got that fire work at Bilbo's birthday party Isildur - if he wasn't there Aragorn would have never been bornGollum/Smeagol - he's creapy when he talks to himself but I like it when he's nice because he reminds me of a dogGimli - he can hack a orc's head off before it even has time to strike a blowGaladriel - shew's hotGandalf - same reoson then Bilbo and he's just flat out coolFrodo Baggins - he's brave and he never gives upEowyn - she wants to be a warrior and she never gives upp when she wants something Elrond - his powerfull when he wants to and he's extremly wise Bilbo Baggins - he's funny (has a good sence of humer)Arwen - she's smart buatifull and she's an elf Aragorn - He's brave a good friend and always is true to his wordTheoden - he was awosome in the battle at Helms DeepTreebeard - he's a giant walking tree for crying out loud who wouldn't like him!

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