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Erm... im Joe :D

I spose my fave characers would be Frodo & Sam although people call them gay and stuff, i think thats just...gay?
Well its proberly none of us may of ever had, a friendship so strong your like brothers. But the're moral of the film/story is even the smallest people can change the future, fantastic.

And Gandalf of course because he has a fantastic nose and just generally cool, alos Aragorn because even if he has this gigantic kingdom power never goes to his head.
Oh and Gimli because his small and has one of the best lines on the pelennor feilds

"Theres plenty for the both of us- Let the best Dwarf win!"
My favorite characters are:
Frodo Baggins - He dosn't have a good line! But hes cool.Aragorn - "For all you hold dear, on this good earth, RISE MEN OF THE WEST!"Gandalf - "Authority is not given to you to deny the return of the king-STEWARD!"Gimli - "...THAT ONLY COUNTS AS ONE!" & "Theres plenty for the both of us, let the best dwarf win!"Samwise Gamgee - "I cant carry it for you Mr Frodo...BUT I CARRY YOU!"

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