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Well hellou There
I love to read, not just Lord of the Rings, but many other thing, I enjoy poetry and what not. ( i do not mean to sound like a book worm, believe me I'm NOT) <br>I love languages, learning new languages is one of my favorite passtimes. (wierd much? feh who isn't) I get a kick out of lyrics and fanfics, they amuse me ^.~ I like anime, and my knowledge of it is vast...if you come to me talking about Pokemon and DBZ I will shun you ....ok so maybe I won't shun you. chances are I'll become your friend but yeah you get the point! Anyway I don't go for dubbed anime, i watch it in Jap. If it has subtitles great, if not, no big deal. Like I said, I'm a linguist. <br>I am always up for a profound conversation and If you DO want to talk to me (which after reading this I would look at you wierd *if I could* if you still wanted to) I warn you I am wierd and random beyond belief. Like seriously. <br>I love music, I am in three choirs as of late and I play the Cello, I attempt to play piano but i get irritated easily with it, I just pluck notes on it....god i hate plunking....damn sight reading ...feh. <br>I'm a fantasy freak, I love learning of mysterious thing, call it a weakness of mine. I will admit I'm a sap, most of the time. but hey, we all have our moments.....anyway...I forgot why I'm writing this.....ah screw it if you wanna know more just up and ask me! I dun mind the questions...so long as you dun freak me out or stalk me or something....that's be like, not cool....<br>right then! off i goooooooo <br>note: do not be alarmed If i call Legolas <i>legoleaf</i><br>It's just funner that way.<br>OH! and NO I am NOT legleaf obsessed, although he IS charming and well all around godly, I'll leave him to the other girls! why should <b>I</b> get to have him? that would be no fun, no sir, no fun at all.... <br>okie ENOUGH! wanna know more? TALK!<br>Dun care at all? why the hell are you still here?! <br>I = done <br>talk now
My favorite characters are:
Arwen - I have NO grudges against her infact I liked the thought of her and Aragorn together...ah the fluffAragorn - Dude, I swear I could be related to this guy! He's meh heeerrrroooooBilbo Baggins - heh heh heh cute little old hobbit! I love his songs, wish I were that talented..Boromir - AWWW I wuv-ed this guy too! He's all made derranged like in the movie why? I do not know...anyway, dun care what yhall say, Boromir is still niftyCeleborn - they made him so pointless in the movie! WHY!?!?!?!?Elrond - Hehehehehe I think people would smack me if I called him my adopted daddy...lol...I love this guyEomer - HE NEVER WENT AWAY IN THE BOOK DAMNIT! WHY!?!?!?!?!?! *sobs*Frodo Baggins - Wheeeheeehee! I love-ed youuu ......not in that way...C'MON he's like 3ft TALL! you sick peopleGaladriel - *wishiy washy music* whhhhooooo mysterious........lol I think she kicks ass, she's all old and wise-like!Gandalf - speaking of old and wise! MUAHA! Tis Gandalf the grey! everyone's favorite wizard!Gil Galad - lalala I wish they would have put him in the movie! I wanted to see how they'd make him out to be but noooooooo *sobs*Gimli - SHORT GUY WITH A BEARD!!!! you know he's A LOT cooler in the book? to me at least ...Gollum/Smeagol - PRECIOUUUUSSSSSS *sueals* I love how they made him in the movie, i really do. tricksy little hobbitssesssss!!! *more squealing with joy*Legolas - *sigh* everyone's favorite elf.....what is there to say about an elf who more than half the population of ME fawns over???? All I have to say is .....hey, didja see THAT greenleaf?Meriadoc Brandybuck - MERRIIIIII!!!.....adoc...hehehe whoohooo I love this hobbit, one of my favorite I must sayPeregrin Took - MEH FAVORITE HOBBITTT!!!! THE WEEE LITTLE ONE!!! i thinK i adore pip, cuz he's the youngest of the group and I'm the youngest of my family...we have a connection man..it's profound...lolSamwise Gamgee - alas, Sam....the &quot;fat hobbit&quot; heh heh, you know at the beginning of the fellowship, they make him sound more like a slave of Frodos'?? I dunno it seemed like that to me...then again it HAS been a while since I've read it....maybe I should rSaruman - I dun care WHAT you guys say! Saruman amuses me in the strangest way...but amusement it still is therefore I care not! I love that they cast Christopher Lee as him, he really did a great job in my opinion.Ugluk - *squeals yet again* UUUGLUUUKKK!!!! *imitates black speech from TTT* SARUMAN-GLOB!!!! I think that line made me like him...and now that I think about it...is it even HIM that says it??? I dun think so...OH WELL I'm stupid! feh ...his name alone amuses meTreebeard - THE TRREEEEEEEEE *hugs random tree* I WUUUB YOUUUUUUUUU
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