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Kiarate of the Night
I decided to look into computers at a very young age. you know, it's just not possible to continue your world renown persona of a ********* with teh way things are evolving to nowadays. I do believe I was born in '88... ahh yes, June of 88 I do believe. In any case it has little relevance to this tale.

Now, I had been working furtitively to keep 'the world' (for those of you who know what this is, fantastic, for those of you who don't... be saddened!) under wraps. As far as I know nobody has been able to find out about it... well if they have they haven't been able to tell the tale -grins- Now, this is supposedly all about how I came across this site, no? Under aliases I sold bands songs, and artists work that they could claim for their own. This was all before the age 8... then the real trouble began.

Lord of the Rings is one of my more blatant obsessions, and is closely linked to some of the above statements- or is it? I do enjoy doing all of this to confuse you. About this time I stumbled across this humble site and fell in love with it, though was very careful in my cryptic ways -coughs-

About this time it was learned that I was a genius. Alright, they didn't say I was a genius, but they said I was clincially ill and had to visit a mental institution for my abrasive ways. YES, that is why I had gone for six month, not because my computer broke. Don't let the lies decieve you!

After my fourth visit to some odd mental institution I got kicked out. I guess they're not entirely fond of me flying above the courtyard and dropping the needle guy to make some ketchup. Hey, those needles really hurt!

I escaped back to reality some time ago, but am constanly being dragged back. they're everywhere... watch out. They could come after you too.

Hope you enjoy Lord of the rings.org :P
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