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hi im a lord of the rings Big time with a capital B fanatic!
The lord of the rings where did they go after the war?

They probably , well you know half of them went sailing after king Elessar of Gondor [a.k.a Aragon , strider and Estil] died , but what about arwen?Also where did the 5 Istari go after the war of the ring , sure Gandalf went sailing Sauruman was killed by his own servant and the two blue wizards went sailing but what about Radigast the brown?What about Elfwine son of Eomer if only Tolkin had been around would he have wrote ohh well thats life.Hi my name is king Elessar666 im a big lord of the rings fanatic i collect a lot of the things you can get books , diarys , figures , warhammer , models , magazines and so on .I really like to do art aswell so i can just chill out and draw sometimes.Im good as well my favourite character in lord of the rings is Aragon not just because of the fame but the personality of him he has a good heart and soul [and a good wife!] but thats why he probably at the start did not want to be king but new he would have to be , follow his ancesters he must not have thought he was worthy , but on the other hand i can see why every one adores Legolas what more could you want? pointed ears , elven vision , expert archer and swordsmen , magic , the bow of lothlorien , imortality , cool hair , expert warrior as well as a singer...... the lot! and then theres the dwarf Gimli a little tuby but very strong and fierce with his what 6 or 5 axes and then his heavy weight armour no wonder he has the strength of a horse he would need it! still there is my favourites along with the fellowship and the royal Rohan family and Faramir , although he is a bit greedy when it comes to the ring , Ents are cool.Souron well yeah he was cool until he became a floating fire ball with a little pupil in it on a gigantic tower, bi

My favorite characters are:
TreebeardTheodenSamwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckLegolasGimliGandalfFaramirEowynBoromirArwenAragorn

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