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Hi, I'm "King of Mirkwood" I'm not going to talk about who I really am, my interests or who any of my friends are because really, who wants to know about that anyway? I designed this page for all Lord Of The Rings lovers. Let's start with the movies. I LOVED!!! all of them, the only bit I didn't get was at the end of the 3rd movie when all who had posessed the ring sailed off in the boat. First off, why did Lord Elrond go with them, he was never even corrupted by The Ring much less ever in posession of it. 2nd What happened to them after that? Did Frodo ever have another adventure? I don't know about you but I really want to find out! Lastly where did Sauraman go after Isengard was flooded? Gandalf said he no longer had any power but what really happened to him? for all I know he could've been carried off by a flying purple hippo! I have to go and get ready for bed now so I'll update this page later. SEE YA!

Sorry I haven't updated this page in a while. So let's start talking about the books. Some people have only seen the movies and haven't read the great books, but I think that they should of made a movie of "The Hobbit" ( The prelude to L.O.R). But they didn't. so for those who haven't read the books, you really should. And for those who have read the books come back in a while and we'll talk about the actual books. BYE AGAIN!
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