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My favorite characters are:
Aragorn - For some reason i like that he does not want to be king at first. You hear stories of princes who kill people and go through challanges to be king. but he dosen't do that. in the movie he is cute.Sorry but i just had to say that. Me and my sis always joke that he is always shabby looking.Boromir - I always thought it was funny when he complained in the book that always was appealing to me( i complain too:)) In the movie that actor who played him was sooooo good he made me cry the first time i saw it he sould have got an oscarEowyn - I love how she wants too help fight. shes not like Arwen who just sits and waits for aragorn. She is like i'm going to fight in this war. She was awsome if was aragorn i would have piced her.Legolas - I am so sorry lotr book peps who like the book better than the movie but in the movie he is soooooooooooooo cute. Handsome and adoreable. i m sorry. any way i love how in the book Legolas and gimli always fight about things it makes me laugh, There was one time in the book when i was like shut up legolas just run into lothlorian no one cares if its better in the spring.

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