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Lord of the Rings: Point Blank
I love me, and my family. My bestest friends in the whole wide world are Amanda, Brooke, Alisha(my cuz), April(my other cuz), Tabby, and Heather when I'm not mad at her.:) I loove Lord of the Rings and I really love Harry Potter, too. A great Harry Potter site is www.mugglenet.com or www.harrypotter.com. My fave actors are Orlando Bloom and Daniel Radcliffe! Some great sites on them are www.danradcliffe.co.uk and www.full-bloom.com.

I hope that they get around to making "The Hobbit" into a movie soon.

By the way, I have brown hair with red and blonde natural hightlights, and eyes that change from blue to green to brown and any color in between. And, there's a guy in my school that I really like and I wish that he actually cared. See ya later! :)
My favorite characters are:
Meriadoc Brandybuck - such a cute little fella (see the actor play Charlie on Lost every Wed. at 8 on ABC)Peregrin Took - what kind of dufus looks into that thing anyway, it\\\\\\\'s scaryGimli - such a comical fellaLegolas - total hottie with a bow(if you don\\\\\\\'t feel safe w/him, there\\\\\\\'s somethin wrong in your head)Aragorn - gotta luv him just b/cSamwise Gamgee - such a loyal friend

Contact me:

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