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I love LOTR so much! I love the books too. Hope you like my page! email me!
J.R.R Tolkien is the best Author ever! I love LOTR so much! I think that LOTR is the best book ever! I could never get sick of LOTR. I think that if you don't like LOTR, then you need to do yourself a favor and learn to like it or else I'll make you like it. Trust me, I can make anyone like any movie possible. Email me and we can talk about anything you want. By the way, the book and the characters kick a**!!!!!!
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - Treebeard is totally cool. He is the best Ent ever! That is so cool when Treebeard helps out Merry and Pippin. I love Merry and Pippin. I like all the Ents but Treebeard is my favorite one. That is so cool when all the Ents go to Sarumon's Tower and killSamwise Gamgee - Sam is sooooooo funny. He is also a great friend to Frodo. I love it most when he argues with Smeagol. What I love most about Sam is his sense of humor and what a great friend he is. I wish he was my friend!Legolas - First of all, I would like to say, Legolas is sooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!! I love him soooo much. That's why I'm LadyGreenLeaf, because GreenLeaf is Legolas' last name! I love his sleek, trim body. His pointy ears. His gorgeos, blue eyes. His great hearGimli - Gimli is the best Dwarf ever! He is soooooooooo funny too. Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn are like the Three Amigos. I love how they will always be best friends.Gollum/Smeagol - Smeagol and Gollum are great! Both Smeagol and Gollum are very funny. I like Smeagol better than Gollum because Smeagol is the good side and Gollum is the bad side. I'm glad Smeagol becomes friends with Frodo, although Smeagol and Sam are almost always aGaladriel - Galadriel is very beautiful. She is a very smart and a nice Elf. She really helped Frodo when she showed him the stuff in the water. I think Arwen gets all her beauty from her grandmother, Galadriel.Gandalf - Gandalf is the best Wizard ever! I love him best as the White Wizard, he is great! He also gives great advice to Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship. I was scared when Gandalf fell, but then he came back even better as The White Wizard!Frodo Baggins - Frodo is very brave to be taking a dangerous task like this. He is lucky to have Sam by his side to help him through. I was so scared when the Ring Wraiths stabbed Frodo, but then Arwen took him to her father, Elrond, and saved him.Elrond - Elrond is so lucky to have Arwen as a daughter. He is a great King and father. He chose all the perfect people for the Fellowship. I love the way he took Estel under his wing and called him his own. He was a great fighter in the first War when Men and ElvAragorn - Aragorn is so cool! I mean, he's King of Gondor! I love his Elven name, Estel. He is great at sword fighting and is a great King and friend. He is also a great brother and son.Arwen - Arwen is so pretty and I love her name. She is great at fighting and riding. I wish I could be an Elf like her. I am so glad that her and Estel get married! They are the perfect couple, just like me and Legolas!
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