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Destiny reminds us of how little control we have, the rest is fate...
Iím Brittany I am 18 yrs old, I live, Maryland and have been a Tolkien fan since the 5th grade when I read the Hobbit. I finished the Lord of the Rings soon after and have read them all countless times since, each time picking up something I didnít understand before. I never get tired of it. I love fantasy of all kinds and am a huge fan of Twilight and its sequels by Stephenie Meyer and the Inheritance Trilogy (I hate the movie Eragon). I love the Maryland Renaissance festival. That being said I love English history particularly Tudor England.

I wish I could live my life in a book being a person wrapped up in the lives of fictional characters makes everyday life such a drag for me, but I'm not one of those people who lives life like a novel, I go to school, I'm in college my major is English (what else!) and I want to be a lawyer. Fantasy plays such a huge role in my life. I love Middle Earth, whenever I'm reading the books I become my alter ego a Lady of Lorien (elf royalty if you will) soul mate of Legolas, this was before the movie btw but seeing as how Legolas is Orlando Bloom it just makes my daydreams SO much more fun. I love the intrigue and danger and serenity and diversity that is middle earth it hasnít left me even from my earliest childhood.

To meet me you would never know that fantasy was my interest, I am very, well, I fit into the stereotype of my ethnicity (African-American), for some reason my two personalities donít mix well and I have two very different groups of friends, I've yet to find friends that I can be both sides of me around.

My favorite Middle earth peoples are elves and then humans. Both have warrior spirits beauties and flaws that make them vulnerable and endearing to me, my favorite characters are Legolas, Arwen, Eowyn, and Sam. All of them are brave despite all that faces them and persevere no matter what their obstacles. So thatís me. For now...

My favorite characters are:
Arwen - She is grace itself, but also brave, strong, beautiful, and she loves fiercely.Eowyn - Eowyn is fearless and strong, she knows what she wants and shes going to go for it. Galadriel - Wisom, beauty, power, enough said.Gandalf - Gandalf is a friend, leader, warrior, wise man, hes who you want on your team no matter what.Legolas - He's brave, loyal, regal, skilled, wise and immortal he's the best.Samwise Gamgee - He is the true savior of Middle Earth, sometimes the harder task is pulling everyone else through, he's not allowed on moments pause, and he has be strong enough for two.

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