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This is some information about me.
Hi im Laura Martin im 14 years old, my birth date is 07/04/1988. I enjoy reading and writing, singing and dancing, listen to music and chatting to my friends and new people that i meet. I think that the lord of the rings is the best film that has ever been created, and that all the actors are so very talented and i wish them all the best. Also i would like to say hello to my bestest mate ever Nicola Harper, she is the best! By the way if you want a picture of me, email me and ask, i cant upload my one on to this site.
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - Personally i think Orlando is GORGEOUS, and that he is a very talented actor, along with my two other best characters.Frodo Baggins - Again i love the way Elijah plays Frodo, because it draws you in to the film, so you feel as though you are part of the action.Aragorn - I believe that Viggo plays this character so well it has inspired me in life to achieve the most that i can.
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