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all about Kim the #1 Legolas/Orlando lover
Im kim. im from the california bay area. im a 21 year old college senior and i graduate in the spring with a BA in liberal studies and a minor in early childhood education. ill be going on to do a fifth year (required for teachers in cali) to teach.

i love LOTR though i havent always been a fan. i had never read the books until i saw the first movie. now i have read them all and i love them. i have many books on the histories of middle earth and such and i plan to get more. i intend to dig into them just as soon as i get some free time. right now school takes up all of my time.

as you must know by now i love orlando bloom as well. i have seen all the films he had been in so far many many times and i cant wait for the U.S opening of troy and ned kelly ( though i got the NK dvd from austrailia when it came out so i have seen it but not with a very good picture).

i enjoy reading, going to the beach, shopping, going to movies, sports, watching football ( the patriots are my team), and id love to travel one day to london, new zealand and australia.

i was a member of a LOTR forum once and i was its top poster too..but the forum took up too much of my time so i had to leave. i intend not to get as obsessed this time around......and well i think thats me in a nutshell!!
My favorite characters are:
Samwise GamgeePeregrin TookLegolasFaramirEowynArwenAragorn

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