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Natiasha's info
<i><b>Hey sup I'm Natasha also known as Natiasha I live in PoCo and my friends are Emily,Jenice,Shanalai,khushboo,Cassandra,Jasmine, Amysue,Gerard,Katrina,Ye-lim,Christine,Lisa,Laura,Shelby, Kimberly,Kristina,Sam,and Alex(Alexandra).I luv LOTR it['s the best movie/book in the world sum say ''Harry Potter" is better but boy are they wrong. I hope I will meet new ppl and become friends wit sum on this Wedsite ;p<br>P.S. poor Frodo his finger is gone thanks to Gollum.:(<br>P.S.S. LEGOLAS ROX HE'S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! ;P
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - (Sam) Frodo's follower he won't let Frodo go anywere alone he always has to be there to help or protect and is always suspicousPeregrin Took - (pippin) very help ful and the youngest in the group some times he isn't very smart but some things he knows alot aboutMeriadoc Brandybuck - (Merry) he is a great help to Frodo to know that his friends careLegolas - The Best Character in the movie and my all time faveGandalf - Very wise and a great leaderGollum/Smeagol - Very um... weird but also extreamly funny tooAragorn - He is helpful and takes care of the rest of the teamFrodo Baggins - the ringbearer and the most important
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