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About me (Rusty Johnson)
My name is Allen Johnson but my nickname is Rusty because of the color of my hair.
I love lord of the rings, it is like a real world to me! Me and my friend Micah have researched lord of the rings and read every book there is by Tolkien. I am quite ready to take on anyone with a urge to quiz me!

P.S. I am sorry but I do not yet have a self-photo.
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - I am bewildered at how good Legolas is behind a bow in the Lord of the Rings trilogy! And thats about all I can say!Gimli - I am amazed at how strong the dwarves were! Even though it was John Rhys-Davies who carried all the heavy armor in the lord of the rings trilogy, I can for sure see that the dwarves were strong and prove it by looking it up in manny a book. For example in the Hobbit (or There and Back Again) on page: 249 in the second paragraph it tells how the Dwarves of Dain had ran through the night with not only thier armor and their heavy two-handed mattocks *PLUSS* their short broad sword at their side incase of emergancy but they also bore huge heavy packs on their backs! Oh and by the way I think the things that Gimli said in the lotr trilogy were hilarious!!

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