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Hi Im Jennifer!
Hi my name is Jennifer and i love lord of the rings. When I was in year five I read the hobbit and I loved it.<br>When the first Lord of the RIngs movie came out I saw it and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I was very upset when i thought Gandalf had died because he was one of my favourites, along with Sam and Legolas (he is soooo cute!). I liked Gandalf because he is so good kind and wise, Sam because he is brave, but sort of left out a bit, and Legolas because he is an elf, he is always the first to sense things and lets face it: he is really hot! After recently seeing the 2nd movie I have a new fave to add to my list: Aragorn. He is so brave and good and everything.<br>I am planning to read the books soon. I loved the movie, Im sure I will love the books! If you ever want to chat, just send me an email! I will be away until about the 29th January but pls email me anyway i will get back to you!
My favorite characters are:
Aragorn - He is so brave dont you think? He is definitly one of the best ones!Gandalf - WHo wouldnt like Gandalf?Legolas - Well my name says it all - Legolas is so coolSamwise Gamgee - I like sam. I dont know why, he is just not what you think of when you think of a hero - but he is brave
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