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A place for a laid-back LOTR fan.
I LOVE Lord of the Rings and have action figures, Monopoly sets, Trivial Pursuits,
and Video Games of the Lord of the Rings. I'm reading the Books and love them so far.

I also got a One Ring in my Trivial Pursuit,
and I have worn it on either my finger or a chain so long, it's turned silver.

I plan on buying a real gold One ring. I can't wait to find out what the game here will be like,
though it has been a year and the game is not yet playable.

My favorite characters are Eowyn and Frodo, and my favorite couple is Eowyn and Faramir,
and my favorite pair is Merry and Pippin.
My favorite characters are:
Frodo Baggins - Frodo is a brave and lovable hobbit that has a bit of spunk. It is hard not to like Frodo. Samwise Gamgee - Sam is very loyal, true, and friendly. He is a bit grumpy sometimes, and very serious. Faramir - Faramir is always very courageous, sweet and very smart. But he is looked down upon by his father because he is different than his brother. Arwen - Arwen is a very serene and beautiful character. She is deeply in love, and loyal to her love and stubborn to the point of death. Eowyn - Eowyn has and will be my favorite character for a long time. I look up to her bravery and courage, and her caring personality.

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