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Welcome to Linwe Bloom’s home of Fan Tale…
Suilad! (Greetings!)

My name is Kelly Dyche, but you can call me Kelz, as do my friends.
I am 20 years of age and come from Stoke-on-Trent which is in the UK if you did not know that already.
I am a very big fan of ‘The Lord of the Rings;’ I have Orlando Bloom to thank for that. If it wasn’t for my huge crush on him, then I would not have even bothered to watch the film’s… Gollum scares me you see! :-(
Anyway, you must want to know a bit about me and my interests or you would never have come onto my profile page in the first place now would you?
I am kind of an actress/TV Extra’s girl and some day I hope to make it big. Follow in my idols footsteps and if you haven’t guessed who that is already, then once again, I have Orli to thank!
I love to perform, it is my whole life. I act, sing, and dance. But if I had to go off the subject of performing, my heart goes to writing my own short stories and reading! Oh and I also love to draw, so I can pretty much do anything I set my heart and mind to…
I am an animal lover. I adore Killer Whales and geckos. You know the little lizard thingy’s you get in Benidorm. There so cute!
Anyway, enough about me, if you’re a ‘Lord of the Ring’s’ fan or even an Orli fan such as myself, then please, let us be friends.

Have fun reading about me and my liking’s, hope I didn’t bore you half to death!

Speaking of half, have you ever hared ‘Lijah and Dom sing the song ‘Half Fling’ on Viggo’s album? If not, please look it up, it’s a cracker!!!

Anyway, bye for now, nice meeting you!

Linwe Bloom. (Kelly Dyche, but you can call me Kelz!)
My favorite characters are:
Theoden - I think Theoden is great. I was so upset when he died! He also played a good part in the films. Meriadoc Brandybuck - Love Merry and I love Dom for what he’s done with the character! He’s sooo cool! Peregrin Took - Now I LOVE this man so much! Billy Boyd is sooo funny and he’s on my ‘Top Five’ list let alone my ‘Top Ten!’ I really do love him so much and Pippin is my second favourite in the films! Second to Legolas that is! (Smiles!) Samwise Gamgee - Sam is great, and face it, he is the true hero of ‘The Lord of the Rings!’ Frodo wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with out him. Sean, you’re a cool guy and well done on playing Sam! Gandalf - Love Gandalf. If it weren’t for him, the Fellowship would never have gotten that far in the first place. Ian is a great man. Love him! Gimli - Gimli is sooo cool. I love the way John chose to play him. Legolas - Now I have something to talk about. Wow, have I got enough room? What am I saying, do you have enough time? (Laughs!) I absolutely love Orlando Bloom to bits. I think he is the most sexy, most beautiful, kind hearted, talented person ever to have walked onto our screens. EVER! He plays Legolas like no other could. And face it, if it wasn’t for Legolas, they would have gotten nowhere. I mean come on, look at those eyes! Orli, I really do love you. (He’s number one on my list!) Keep it up babe… Eomer - He’s cool, and he plays a good role. Eowyn - She’s brave, beautiful, everything a woman should be! If I had to pick one or the other out of Eowyn and Arwen. I would pick Eowyn. I really feel for her when it comes to Aragorn. She also fights for what she loves and believes in. Faramir - He's great. I am so glad him and Eowyn get together at the end of all things. They really do suit each other. Frodo Baggins - I love Frodo, and I love Elijah for doing such a fantastic job. I really feel for Frodo all the way through the films. But Elijah is defiantly in my ‘Top Ten!’ for the ‘Top Ten’ actors! Love you ‘Lij! Aragorn - What can I say? He’s brave, a hero, good looking and Viggo; you couldn’t have played Aragorn better!Arwen - She’s beautiful, graceful, and everything an elven maiden should be and more.

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