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HEY, LOTR is only one of my fixes...i am a multitalented, multitasking...OOH a dragonfly!! >`<
hey.. i am a 17 yr old female... and i live in texas...that's all the info you need ^.~

i like shuiny things, anime, manga, peoplez! umm... i like the colors yellow, black, red, and silver, and mint green....and pale blue, and black!...did i mention black?yeah... i play bass, and i read ALOT... i live in a stoopit hick town full of nothingness.... i am wicca, and i am considered the school "freak".

i listen to anything from manson to green day and lotz NBtween...
i am irish and DO listen to the celtic music, but i am 100% american idiot ^.~
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin Took - he\'s funny, and ALWAYS hungry... he can always crack a joke, no matter the situation, but he CAN be serious...Frodo Baggins - he\'s quiet and thoughtful...he reminds me of ME on slow days...Legolas - well, he\'s HOTGollum/Smeagol - he\'s misunderstood, and alone... and so sad...Gandalf - he\'s old and wise, and the most powerful and he makes me think of what we all wish to become...Arwen - she\'s exotic and pretty... and i love the way she speaks elven...Sauron - he\'s the bad guy....he\'s got ultamate {sp?} power...what\'s not to like?

Contact me:

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