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There isn't a lot to tell about myself. I am a very ordinary person with an extraordinarily large imagination. I'm a 20 year old college student who loves to write. I fell into the spell of The Lord of The Rings because it provided me an escape from the reality of life and I stayed in love with the books because I am drawn to each character.
My favorite characters are:
Frodo Baggins - He is what every person should strive to be. Loyal and selfless.Arwen - She is so pure and beautiful. She is the light in Aragorn's life.Aragorn - He is the leader. I think he is the ultimate hero.Gandalf - He reminds me of a grandfather :-)Gimli - His humor is sarcastic and that reminds me of myself.Legolas - I don't think there are any words to describe Legolas. His entire presence is just...wow.Meriadoc Brandybuck - I like him because he is who he is and doesn't try to be anything else.Peregrin Took - same as above.Samwise Gamgee - He is the friend I have wanted all my life.

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