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hey guys! thanks for viewing my page! i'm a HUGE fan of the Lord of the Rings as you can see.i LOVE both the books and the movies!!! i'm reading the book for the third time at the moment( and loving it even more)....i think LOTR is one of the biggest epics of all times and i think that JRR Tolkien is a genius for having thought about writing such an amazing book.if any of you out there feel the same just leave a message.
My favorite characters are:
Arwen - i was touched by the way the love of Aragorn and Arwen was expressed in the book.Faramir - he's another one of my favourites.from the moment he is introduced in the book i felt an instant liking for him....a brave,courageous Captain, a loyal son, beloved to all.( i couldn't help but like him)Aragorn - i think he's the perfect leader and king...King Elessar,brave,courageous,determined,loyal,sensitive,wise,powerful,just...he's one of my favourite charactersGandalf - Mithrandir,The Grey Rider,Stormcrow,Gandalf.....he's a very intriguing character all throughout the bookGimli - short,stout heart,brave and sensitive though he doesn't accept it.....great to see his friendship with LegolasLegolas - tall,wise,skilled,Elven blood,fair...very mysticalPeregrin Took - nice personality....cheerful,merry,devoted,fool of a Took( like Gandalf says)Samwise Gamgee - i admire and love his loyalty to Frodo even against all the odds

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