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Welcome to Lord of the Rings by LOTRbaby
I really love animals, and I am really hoping to be a vet after I graduate. My friends and I LOVE LOTR, and I hope you like my site!!
Hey...... who else here thinks Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood are TOTALLY HOT?? Well, I DO!! Anyway, I have the two first movies, and am totally anticipating for when the third comes out!!
My favorite characters are:
Boromir - Has a good heart and has fought bravely many times.Bilbo Baggins - A cool uncle who adores Frodo, just as Frodo adores him!Arwen - Loves Aragorn uncontrollably, and will stop at nothing to get to him and stay with him 4ever!! A TRUE love story, if you ask me!!Aragorn - Awesome fighter!! Saves the day many times.Elrond - I absolutely LOVES it when he names the Fellowship!! He loves his daughter and will not have her heart broken just in case Aragorn doesn't return.Eowyn - An AWESOME symbol for women everywhere!! Has the heart of a lion and completely in love with Aragorn, although he knows his heart is taken.Faramir - Just like his brother in many ways, loyal to Gondor, and will fight to the end for it. Although, he does one thing his brother couldn't. He lets Frodo go after Sam's speech at the end of The Two Towers (which I cry over EVERY time!)Frodo Baggins - (Elijah Wood is HOT!!)lol Anyway Frodo knows what he must do, and he will do anything to get the One Ring into the fires of Mt. Doom. The One Ring corrupts him, but he refuses to see it, although Sam has known it all along.Galadriel - Has great advice for Frodo and the others, and welcomes them wholly when they visit her home in the woods. She is the beautiful Elf Queen.Gandalf - A totally awesome wizard, and has helped Frodo and Bilbo thru many dangers and is the most wise of the Fellowship.Gimli - VIGOROUS!! Wow!! He may be a dwarf, and people may doubt him, but never have I seen a person (or dwarf) go to war with such vigor.Gollum/Smeagol - His is quite a sad story. I absolutely love him when he is Smeagol, and I can sort of understand why he acts so mean during hi Gollum time. "He loves and hates the Ring, just as he loves and hates himself." :'(Legolas - HOT....HOT.....HOT!!!!! I not only love him because he is handsome, but also because of his shooting sword skills, and also because of his intelligence, the way he is always so alert, and how he can sense things so expertly!Meriadoc Brandybuck - Merry, Merry, Merry. What to say about Merry. Well, he will stick to the Fellowship as well as Pippin thru thick and thin.Peregrin Took - Pippin may be a bit of a klutz, but there is no doubt about his loyalty toward Merry and the Fellowship. He and Merry are great friends.Samwise Gamgee - SAM!!! Awesome friend, almost always in a good mood, and will stay by Frodo in whatever the weather ;) He knows Frodo is being corrupted by the Ring, but he will still see Frodo thru to the great firey edges of Mordor.Theoden - A wise and noble king of Rohan, but sometimes doesn't see what is in front of him and how to handle it. This I know for certain, tho, that he will see Rohan through to the end of his days.Treebeard - An Ent, or treeherder. He is outraged when he finds that Saruman has destroyed much of his forest friends, whom he knew from "acorn and nut." The battle between Saruman and the Ents is all in all my fave, because the Ents are trying to save and preserve their nature, and will stop at nothing to do so.

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