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About lotrlover
I am 11 years old in 4th grade all I wamt to do whene I grow up is be a poet-auther. I read the lotr books whene I was 5 and have bean atatched to them ever sence I read them. i read the Harry Potter books and loved em for a while but then I got back to lord of the rings . I read write and speak elvish.
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - I like Sam becouse he alwys looks at the bright side! ( i'd like to see him do that with the ring)!!!Treebeard - I love Treebeard he is so funny "I like going southword for some reson it feels like going down hill) lol!!!Peregrin Took - I like Pippen becouse he is always getting into trouble!!!!:)Gollum/Smeagol - I like Smeagol becouse Hhe gets you to feel sorry for him.Legolas - I like Legolas becouse he saves alot of pepol in th books!Galadriel - I like Galadriel becouse she has th magic mirror and it looks cool!Gandalf - I love Gandalf he always knows what is good for Frodo/Bilbo .Frodo Baggins - I like Frodo becouse he shows great streangth agenst the ring (untill the two towers).Eowyn - i like her becouse she only feers a cage and not I think she should be a role modle for all s.Elrond - I like him becouse he has a realy neat viose and i like that vios.Arwen - I like her becouse I think she is verry strong in giveing Aragon her imortalityBilbo Baggins - I like him becouse he seems like someone I would like to meet (besides the whole ring obseshion)Aragorn - I like him becouse he is always helping Frodo and keeping an eye on things!
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