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Mel Loves Lord of The Rings
I love Lord of the rings much!i'm a huge fan. The books are awesome and the movies kick ass!I really love the movies and stuff!i have the ring on my neck chain and its cool.I really love all of the fantasy and adventure in the books and in the films.I love orlando bloom as well!he's one fine looking man!<br>I love rachel, Blaire and Orlando!<br>
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - lol this tree has a beardTheoden - hes a mighty leaderSamwise Gamgee - SAM IS CUTE!!HES SO SWEET!Peregrin Took - hes cute but mentalMeriadoc Brandybuck - hehe hes coolLegolas - He's just so cool.Orlando bloom is such a babe!im marrying him.Isildur - he's just isildur.Gollum/Smeagol - he's cute...retarded but cute.Gandalf - He's the greatest.Gil Galad - im tall!Gimli - he's fiesty.Galadriel - She's very beautiful and an interesting and mysterious character.Frodo Baggins - frodo Rules!!!!elijahs pretty cool himself!Faramir - He's hot.Eowyn - Shes's a strong woman.Elrond - He's old lol and hes cool.Eomer - He's hot.Aragorn - He's hot in the movies...and he is a very cool character in the book.He is very stong and wise.Arwen - She's beautiful.Bilbo Baggins - Bilbo Rules!!!Mandy loves him!Boromir - Sean Bean Rules let's just face it!Celeborn - He's awesome.
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