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All Aragorn, All the Time!
Suilaid Melloneamin! (Greetings my friends!)
Sut naa lle umien sina re? (How are you doing today?)
Im maer. (I'm well.)
eneth nîn Rini. (My name is Rini.)
Telin o Imladris! (I come from Rivendell!)
Lau, (no), I'm only kidding, but wouldn't that just top all? *sighs dreamily*
Im kainen ar' minque ennin ar' Amin mela Aragorn/Frodo. (I'm 10 and 11 years and I love Aragorn/Frodo.)
Aahh, but Aragorn does hold a special place in my heart. He is everything a man should be: trustworthy, loyal, faithful, loving, brave, learned, wise, honest, strong, true and oh so much more. *sighs contentedly*

<center><img src="http://my.raex.com/~bbenedet/perian/PMFAragorn01.jpg">
Aragorn's my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click <A HREF="http://my.raex.com/~bbenedet/perian/perianmeleth.html">here</A>
and tell the world!</center>

When it comes to fan fiction, my favourite LOTR pairings are Aragorn/Frodo, Aragorn/Arwen and Aragorn/OFC. Aragorn/Frodo is a new one for me, quickly surpassing the perfect cannon couple, Aragorn/Arwen in my eyes. I blame my two A/F role-models,
It's all their fault! If they weren't such brilliant authoresses, I wouldn't even be here!
*laughs* As it is, I now officially have no life. It revolves soley around my favourite world and pairing... and y'know? I'm quite content to let it. For what harm is there in being happy?
And armfuls of Aragorn and lapfulls of Frodo don't hurt one tiny itty-bitty bit!

My favorite characters are:
Arwen - Although not much is said about her in the books, I find I love Arwen simply because Aragorn does. I enjoy her personality in the movies and she too was willing to give up everything she knew for love. In fact, her sacrifice was and always would be greater than Aragorn's, for not only did she forsake her immortality, but her Ada as well. Arwen, I bow to you, vanima, for you sacrificed the most. You did what many are too terrified to do. You followed your heart.Frodo Baggins - Gosh. Little Frodo. He's just perfect. He was never one of those sword-wielding dash-into-battle-like-an-idiot heros. No. His valour was in persevering despite fear, the lure of the Ring and his own doubting heart. Frodo, my darling hobbit, if there was ever a braver soul, I have yet to meet them.Aragorn - Aahh... what to say about my ranger. I love his caring, gentle and kind nature. He's a complicated man, Aragorn is. He was raised believing he was one person only to have an unwanted destiny thrust at him when he should have been courting eleths and being young. However, though he wanted it not, Aragorn went out and tried to fulfill this destiny, all because his heart had been captured by the fair Evenstar. He faced many trials and tribulations and experienced much pain and toil as well as growth. To me, Aragorn is strength personified and that is why I love him. His heart is larger than Arda itself, his wisdom is surpassed by very few and he gave everything he knew and entered a life he was frightened of all for love. Aragorn, you are truly my hero and you will forever hold my heart.

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