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The battle for midldleearth
I have tested some of the games of lord of the ring, and i found some of them good but where you can build your own army on middle earth pc and i love that game -as you play as evil mode as well.....

the 3rd age i loved that game that you can eqully split the stats and bring back to life your friends and you cna stun people so they cant taketurn and you can get elf stones to power you up and you can do leadership and swored and then you can lean new skills buy using lots of your powers or thiefing people and then you cna still get new things like weapons new looks helmets nad i thort that i would not like it when i got the game but i was wrong and that game is good and then when i got beaten all the time from 1 orc i when back and leard gift of grey heaven and that heals all you party and its health and then i look at somthing when you had to level up your char thagt you get different title on your char states and then i used it on idrial on her spirit power and then when i got to the end of the game i did a new oneso i did not have to then when i did beat salron i got good stones so i started and now i got the game and iv completed it and i loved it

What i found boring about the return of the king is that you can't buy new weapons or staffs for gandelf you just have to stick with 1 and also when you use the cheats like infinitie misslies when on gandelf when you hold triangle it take away 10 mana/missiles and when you got 0 you can still cast little spells but not that so i found that annoying i thort somthing was wrong with my control..... SILLY ME! Also why does from do take so long to get out his knife when we are playing and why on only 1 level can you play him as 1 turn and using cheats you hsve to complete the game i though that was un-fair on people thAat cnat play the game propliy and i found that hard....... ALSO another thing i found that you cannot get lots of exp when you want somthing so so so so much you just don't have enough.........

My favorite characters are:
Faramir - brave archerEowyn - sexy brave waorrior.Eomer - dunno.Elrond - cool nice.Denethor II - lolCeleborn - loBoromir - death munger.Bilbo Baggins - old bat.Arwen - very strong.Aragorn - Really brave.Frodo Baggins - weak hobbitGaladriel - rallu goodGandalfGil GaladGimliGollum/SmeagolGrima WormtongueIsildurLegolasMeriadoc BrandybuckSamwise GamgeeSarumanSauronTheodenUglukTreebeard

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