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go middle earth
i love all middle earth books they are very very exciting! they realy make me feel like i am in the book! arogan is one of my favorit good charcters but a reel awsome guy is thoughs balrogs. but i reely wish thier was more in the books because you realy never hear about them.
My favorite characters are:
Bilbo Baggins - bilbo is one tricky burgalerAragorn - argorn is one awsome guy and one good fighterFrodo Baggins - i think frodo is so smart and sam is one big mouth lolGandalf - galdaf is the best wizard ever!Gimli - fight little guy fight!Gollum/Smeagol - "you dirty little sneak!" sam "what i like goblin" smealgol Legolas - "1,2,3,4,5 now the olophant!" lgolas " or what ever you call them..." Peregrin Took - '' just alittle peak." pipin good job looking in that stone who cares what the wizard says lolSaruman - "i am bad now whahahaha" saruman "ok wierdo" gandalfSauron - " i can kill you ha ha ha!" Ugluk - "ok saruman tell me again what am i? a half goblin/ork/man?or something like that."Treebeard - "wow! who new hobbits go twice as far then men when you through them"

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