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I Love Lord of the Rings! (\`,)
I became addicted to Lord of the Rings ever since I read the books. I like started reading the 1st part in June then finished the 3rd part in June as well. Ever since that experience I've been living, breathing & eating Lord of the Rings.
I think Lord of the Rings is soooo cool. I mean the story, the friendship, the loyalty, the romance, it some how just seems to enchant your heart. I even wrote a fan fiction about it that I'm hoping to publish.
If you want to contact me or anything, e-mail me at: mappy_arguelles@yahoo.com.au
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - He is a very good example of a friend. Sure he panicked at the battle of Helm's Deep. But I bet you would too.Galadriel - She is so mysterious, but she's also graceful, wise & helpful.Frodo Baggins - He shows such perseverance. I mean he only got corrupted at the end. If I were him, I wouldn't even be alive.Arwen - She is very thoughtful & loving to Aragorn. I just wish I could live like her, in peace.Aragorn - He is so humble! I don't remember anything bad about him because there aren't any.Peregrin Took - He gets into trouble often because of his curiousness & naughtiness.

Contact me:

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