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Marisa Canadian Lord of the Rings Fan
I'm a female and a student in Canada I love Lord of the Rings not only the movies but the books are my favorite! I love to read and enjoy sports and TV! My favorite character in Lord of the Rings in Legolas and Arewn Evenstar both of Etiquite beauty! I have finally found a website that lets you sit by the fire and talks about Lord of The Rings in this kind of atmosphere. I feel at home. My friends don't really care for Lord of the Rings(I know it's unbelievable!) but i put up with it! I love the actor Orlando Bloom who potrays Legolas in the movie! After i watched the trilogies and read the books i wrote a poem as if i was actually in Middle Earth.

A FairyTale:

Do you know where the Rainbow goes where the river is made of gold?
Do you know if the sky is pink or if the shadows bear the cold
For i see whats around me now
I can feel the fresh clean air
Do you know that the meadows lurk to the valleys of elves and dwarves
For i see what around me now
thats fortold in many ways
Do you feel the sun rising
While the elves just dance and sing
But i know theres a rainbow now and a land of magic too

-inspiration from Tolkien and Peter Jacksons exceptional work have brought my writing to life. My ambition and future awaits me and maybe one day my writing will be brought to life and i'll be like Tolkien. (Ya right)
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin TookLegolasArwen

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