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I think that this lord of the rings game is fantastic its fun and just rules its better than all the online games i played before and i like the ideaa ofgood or evil and also the made up swords have also gave it a good taste and also i like the idea of different enemys because always killing 1 enemy will be boring as we all know for e.g. you can kill a troll then go and kill evil men and also i think that J.K TOKIEN is the best author in the world to make such a book and PETER JACKSON is a extremly good film maker to actually make such a good and complex book into a great and real like film which is effective and is not the type of film you will get bored if you watch it over and over again. The only complaint on the film is that The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers is not as good as the first and the last one of this epic adventure so i thought it may of been better in some ways and also not all parts were included i know this because i read the book
My favorite character is:
Legolas - He is a brave and mighty warrior and will always fight for his cause he has a good frienship with gimli and aragorn and also he set off with the fellowship to destroy the one ring of power forged by souron the evil lord of midddle earth

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