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My favorite characters are:
Arwen - lovely loving elf. so devotedAragorn - A great leader, alot like my step dad, i would follow him to the ends of the earthBilbo Baggins - HA, i wish bilbo was uncle, i would spend every day with him.Frodo Baggins - very strong willed, even if he did mess up in the end.Galadriel - beautiful and wise, i wish i could meet her.Gandalf - who doesnt love Gandalf? hes awesome all aroundGimli - funny and stubborn, i will always want him on my side.Gollum/Smeagol - I feel bad for smeagol, takin my the power of the ring.Legolas - HE IS SO COOL! SLIDING DOWN STAIRS ON A SHIELD AND TAKING DOWN ELAPHANTS LIKE ITS NO BIG DEAL!Meriadoc Brandybuck - HA merry, where do i even begin?Peregrin Took - Same goes for pippin as merry. those two are ment to be friends.Samwise Gamgee - SAMWISE IS MY FAVORITE! Hes loyal to Frodo, humble, a good cook, a gardiner, brave hearted and definatlly knows whats importaint. he could have held onto that ring for centuries and just have easily tossed it away as Tom Bombadil.Treebeard - I love trees and nature. i love wise people and i love to talk, and its like all three were smashed together into one great charater. i would love to travel around Fangorn with him, and if he told me the ways of the forest

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