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Umm.... Not Much to Say. Why did they even invent headers if no one has any idea of what to put in them? lol jk jk, no but realy why?
YaY michigan. lol gotta love its ability to have all four seasons in one day. lol

^ wow that was amasing(is that how you spell it?)... im going for a new recored (is that how you spell it?) with 2 lol's in one sentence.

i luv rock old and new.
- Fav. Band is Led Zeppelin WoOt WoOt
- Sec. Fav. band is Rooney they have a hot lead singer and good music what more could you ask for? (aka "the rooners")

last but certinly NOT least

i hate the "nervious game" lol
My favorite characters are:
Meriadoc Brandybuck - all the hobbits have "nice" hair in this movie. it reminds me of school!! ick i hate school.Peregrin Took - He is a hobit there for he has "nice" hairSamwise Gamgee - THIS IS MY FAVORITE AMOUNG FAVORITS!! what better friend could you ask for and what friend of yours has a name that fun to say? honestly.Gimli - You gotta luv a dwarf with a sense of humor and the ability to make friends with former enimies (legolos)Frodo Baggins - did you notice that almost everybodys eyes r blue in these movies... especialy frodos. are those his actuale eyes or does he wear contacts?Faramir - anyways out of the two brothers Faramir is by far the better "looker"Treebeard - i wonder if he ever shaves. by the looks of it and his name i kinda guess not..

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