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lotr freak
about me??? I'm motorola wolffe, I'm twelve, I'm a lotr freak, and I love Aragorn. Get the picture? Well anyway, I found this site and I think it's awesome!! (for any1 who cares what I think) the picture is of me -or at least what I wish were me- Princesse Mononoke is my other favoritest movie on the planet!!
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin Took - I'm not going to put anything here, but because you can't see my face through the computer screen, PIPPIN RULES!!!!Treebeard - hmmm... what to put here? uhh, a tree of a man... no, that won't work, DON'T EAT THE HALFLINGS!! No, that won't work either, but let's just say that he is the best tree in the whole movie. And that's saying something because there were a lot of treeMeriadoc Brandybuck - Lala!! He's a fun/ food loving guy who, for being Pippin's cousin, makes him really awesome :DFrodo Baggins - hey. What can I say? He's just cool. (and cute, but I think I'm going to leave that little detail out)Aragorn - heheheee!! I LOVE ARAGORN!! he's mine precioussssss!!Eowyn - I dunno why, but Eowyn is the best <female> character in the movie. She likes fighting and tends to know that she should stay away from my Aragorn, (for the most part) and I am writing a little too much.
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