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The Blessed and Eternal LOTR Ladies Fan Pages...
Ye have found me, Mortal...

Ye have now entered the domain of the Tolkien's Heroines Homage Page! Ye must turn back or ye must journey on through the mists that surround ye until ye shall reach the sacred domains of our land. Which shall it be, mortal?

For if ye are found trespassing then the Ladies who reside here will not be so kind as me. But woe betide anyone who disturbs their surroundings with baseless chatter or cruel and evil acts. For beings such as those will be destroyed for offending my mistresses. However, if ye are able to pass certain tests and show adequate and selfless compassion, then ye shall be allowed passage through these lands. There, ye shall find things that are heavenly compared to the poor and warlike lands of Men.

The honourable and revered ladies that reside here during their time in these protected and peaceful lands include the Lady Arwen, the Lady Eowyn, the Lady Galadriel and the Lady Luthien, among others of ancient blood and noble heritage. So follow me mortal, as we enter the realm of the Blessed Ladies of Tolkien....

(Kindly Created by The High Elven and Beautiful Lady Niniel_Nienor, Lady of the Mists and Protector of the Tolkien's Ladies Homage Pages!)

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